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    Get Enough Sleep To Help Your Diet.

    Researchers have discovered that appetite-regulating hormones are affected by sleep and that sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain.

    In two studies, people who slept five hours or less per night had higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, and lower levels of leptin, a hormone that suppresses the appetite, than those who slept eight hours per night.

    This indicates that you should make sure that getting enough sleep is a high priority in your life.


    Use Margarine And Cottage Cheese Instead Of Cream Cheese In Recipes.

    Using the right ingredients in your meals can help you create the recipe for a healthier life. Recipe substitutions can help subtract calories, sodium and saturated fat from your meals while keeping them tasting great.

    For example, where a recipe asks for cream cheese, use 4 tbsp of margarine blended with 1 cup of dry, low-fat cottage cheese instead.


    Homemade Mouthwash.

    Homemade Mouthwash. This is a recipe that’s been in use for a whie now for a Natural Homemade Mouthwash. It leaves a great refreshing minty taste in your mouth and helps prevent bad breath. Mix 2 ounces of Water, 1/4 Teaspoon of baking soda or Sea Salt, 1 drop of Pure Peppermint Oil, and 1 drop of Tea Tree oil.


    Prune Juice Or Peeled Apples To Ease Constipation.

    To ease constipation, drink pPrune juice or eat stewed prunes. You could also try papaya or two peeled apples.


    Limit Chips And Other Salty, High-Fat Snacks.

    More children are overweight than ever before. Poor eating habits along with inadequate exercise and genetic factors all play a role in childhood obesity.

    By following a few simple guidelines, you can help your children eat more healthily. For example, limit chips and other salty, high-fat snacks. Instead, offer baked pretzels, air-popped popcorn, dry cereal, granola or low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers.


    Remember Carbohydrates When Starting An Exercise Program.

    Carbohydrates are an endurance athlete’s best friend. They help maintain blood glucose and liver and muscle glycogen stores. A diet supplying 60% to 70% of calories from carbohydrates will help load your muscles for your exercise regimen.

    Protein intake should fall between 15% to 20% of calories, with fat making up the remainder.


    Shopping Cart Alert.

    A leading cause of head injuries to children 5 years old and younger is falling from shopping carts at supermarkets and other stores.

    To prevent injuries, restrain children with seat belts (most carts come equipped with them), and don’t let children travel (unrestrained) in that part of the cart meant for food.

    Don’t leave the cart unattended and don’t let a child race a cart up and down the aisles.


    Use Olive Oil To Help Lower Cholesterol.

    Soluble fibre binds with cholesterol, helping to remove it from the body. Certain fats, when replacing saturated and trans fats, can help lower cholesterol levels.

    One suggestion is to use olive oil as a base for salad dressing with lemon or lime juice, garlic, salt and pepper. Use to sauté your favourite vegetables.

    Add to diced potatoes and roast with fresh pepper, onion and garlic powder.


    Eat Garlic To Clear Your Arteries.

    Arteriosclerosis refers to the thickening of the walls of the arteries. It has become a common ailment in modem times, accounting for much of the disability and high death rate, more so among older people.

    However, eating a few cloves of garlic each day has been known to help clear arteries. It seems to cleanse the system, and collect and cast out toxic waste.

    Mince two cloves and put them in a half glass of orange juice or water and drink it down. There’s no need to chew the pieces of garlic. By just swallowing them, the garlic smell doesn’t stay on your breath.


    Add Cashews To A Stir Fry Recipe.

    Nuts are full of great health benefits, so why not add cashews to a stir fry recipe.


    A Can Of Soda Equals 150 Calories.

    One 12-ounce can of regular soda a day equals 150 calories. One 12-ounce can of diet soda doesn’t have any calories. Switching to the diet brand saves 54,750 calories a year and peels off 15 pounds (about 8kg).


    Take Care With Shellfish.

    Buy shellfish from safe retail outlets and discard any shells which don’t open after boiling.

    Throw away ready-to-eat mussels and seafood following their use-by dates.


    Wood Betony – For Headache Relief.

    Wood betony works well for both children and adults. It is said to help migraine headaches.


    Release Tension In Your Hands And Fingers.

    When you’re at work, sitting for most of the time in front of a computer screen, you can release tension in your hands and fingers by dropping them to your sides and shaking them for about 15 seconds.

    Then extend your fingers as far as you can a few times and rotate your wrists from front to back.


    Fruit & Vegetable Juice – Against Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Fruit and vegetable juice are protective. A study found that older adults who drank at least three glasses of juice a week had a 75% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who drank juice less than once a week.


    If You Want To Lose Weight – Get Your Carbohydrates.

    The formula for weight loss is simple: Eat fewer calories, eat nutritionally packed, low-fat foods and exercise.

    All foods give us energy – to walk, to breathe, to think. The three fuel sources in food are carbohydrates, protein and fats. Carbs should make up 55% of your daily calories. On a 2,000-calorie diet, you should get 275 grams of carbs. Protein should be about 15% to 20%, and fats make up the remainder.

    All foods Carbs are stored in your liver and muscles for vital energy reserves, needed for physical activity.


    Use Bioflavonoids In Your Diet To Help Prevent Bruising.

    Good foods to eat, to help prevent bruises, would be those containing bioflavonoids. Such foods include reddish-blue berries.

    These can assist in strengthening the connective tissue, which will decrease the spread of blood and bruising. Zinc and vitamin C supplements are also recommended for this.


    Sprinkle Nuts On Top Of A Salad.

    Nuts are full of great health benefits. So why not sprinkle nuts on top of a salad instead of bacon bits or high-fat cheese.


    Sage – A Multi-purpose Herb.

    Sage helps check excessive mucus in the body. But it also has many other benefits.

    It can been used in connection with sprains, swelling, ulcers, and bleeding. As a tea, sage has been administered for sore throats and coughs.

    Herbalists have also used sage for rheumatism, menstrual bleeding, strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, and sharpening the senses.


    For A Healthy Snack, Try A Muffin With Cream Cheese And Walnuts.

    When you want a mid-morning snack, instead of a bagel and cream cheese, spread a whole-wheat English muffin with light cream cheese and dot with crushed walnuts.


    Sneak A Walk While The Kettle Boils.

    You don’t have to waste time to get in your daily exercise. If you’re a busy person with no time for exercise, why not sneak a walk while the kettle boils.


    Food for Health – For Cleansing.

    The following foods are considered to have cleansing properties.

    Artichokes, beets, blueberries, broccoli, chick peas, flaxseed, grapefruit, kidney beans, leeks, mangos, melon, orange, parsley, parsnip, peaches, whole wheat.


    A Little Chocolate Goes A Long Way.

    If and when you need your daily choco-fix, think small. You probably only need a little chocolate to get the job done. Eat a small amount of miniature size candies instead of big bars.


    Add Healthy Ingredients To Food Your Children Like.

    Sometimes it’s hard to get children to eat more healthy foods, so, from time to time, why not add healthy ingredients to foods they already like.

    For example, add blueberries to pancakes or fruit to their favourite cereal. They’ll soon get the idea and you could even make it an interesting project for the whole family to find new (healthy) ingredients to add to their normal foods.


    Wash Bedding In Hot Water To Help Reduce Dust Mites.

    Help reduce the risk of dust mites in your beds by washing bedding in hot water – 130 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celcius) or hotter – at least every two to three weeks since dust mites repopulate every four weeks.

    This will also help reduce the danger to your children if they suffer with asthma.


    Spice Is Nice.

    Salsa ingredients, tabasco sauce, garlic, oregano and many other spices have been shown in laboratory tests to kill a variety of foodborne microorganisms.


    Have Regular Dental Checkups To Help With Eating Disorders.

    As you age, problems that affect your ability to eat may
    surface. Ill-fitting dentures, constipation, gas, diarrhea or a special
    diet are all factors that may make eating a bit unpleasant.

    To help deal with these problems, have regular dental check-ups.


    Ulcer Drugs And Alcohol Levels.

    According to research, blood alcohol levels increase more
    rapidly in men who take prescribed doses of several common ulcer

    They can create a driving danger as only 1 drink can place a driver over the legal limit.


    The Don’ts Of Nasal Sprays.

    Excessive use of over-the-counter, decongestant-type nasal sprays can actually increase congestion and cause irritation of the nasal membranes.

    Don’t use the sprays more than twice a day or for longer than two days. Also, do not use the sprays if you have hypertension. They can interfere with medications you may be taking to lower your blood pressure.


    Exercise Your Brain.

    Exercise your brain. Read, study, solve problems, and learn new skills.

    As does the body, the brain weakens with lack of use.


    Clean Your Computer Screen Regularly.

    To help prevent eye strain through looking at an ever-increasingly dirtier screen, make sure you wipe it clean often – maybe even at least once a day. And always keep your glasses or contact lenses clean too.


    Try Maitake Mushrooms For Anticancer And Antiviral Benefits.

    Maitake mushrooms have anticancer, antiviral, and immune-system enhancing effects and may also help control both high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


    Preventing Spine Stress.

    Prolonged sitting at a work station is hard on your back. In fact, herniated disks are often linked with sedentary occupation and sitting position.€

    To avoid back trouble, try to remember to shift your sitting position regularly (about every 15 minutes or so).


    Drink Water To Avoid Fatigue.

    Lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue. Even mild dehydration will slow down metabolism as much as 3%.


    Hand Moisturiser.

    For regular, well-moisturised hands, keep hand cream on your desk at work or in the car. Apply the cream throughout the day to rejuvenate your cuticles and keep skin saturated.


    Apply Nail Polish With Ventilation.

    If you do need to apply nail polish from time to time, make sure you do so in a well-ventialted room.


    Don’t Waste The Health Benefits Of Nuts.

    Nuts lose their healthy benefits if covered in salt, chocolate or sugar.


    If You Eat Out, Choose Tomato-Based Not Cream-Based Pasta Sauces.

    When Eating Out, remember that tomato-based pasta sauces (e.g., marinara, tomato and basil) are much lower in fat than cream-based sauces (e.g., alfredo and vodka).


    Virgin Coconut Oil – For Hands and Feet.

    The hands and feet are probably the most abused parts of our bodies. They are generally the first to show signs of wear and tear.

    If you want something to improve the texture and appearance of your hands and feet, virgin coconut oil is the answer.


    Age, Sex And Blood Pressure.

    Men have a greater likelihood of developing high blood pressure before the age of 55. The risk to men and women are about equal between the ages of 55-65. The risk switches after the age of 65, as women are more likely to be hypertensive.

    If you fit one of these categories, be extra careful to have your blood pressure checked every six months.


    Try An Apple A Day To Relieve Or Even Avoid A Cold.

    It’s true! An apple a day really works. A university study showed that the students who ate apples regularly had fewer colds.


    Eat Garlic To Clear Your Arteries.

    Arteriosclerosis refers to the thickening of the walls of the arteries. It has become a common ailment in modem times, accounting for much of the disability and high death rate, more so among older people.

    However, eating a few cloves of garlic each day has been known to help clear arteries. It seems to cleanse the system, and collect and cast out toxic waste.

    Mince two cloves and put them in a half glass of orange juice or water and drink it down. There’s no need to chew the pieces of garlic. By just swallowing them, the garlic smell doesn’t stay on your breath.


    Preventing Spine Stress.

    Prolonged sitting at a work station is hard on your back. In fact, herniated disks are often linked with sedentary occupation and sitting position.

    To avoid back trouble, try to remember to shift your sitting position regularly (about every 15 minutes or so).


    Your Fingers Could Help Relieve A Headache.

    If you have a headache, sometimes you can help relieve it by pressing the fleshy area in the “L” between the base of your thumb and your index finger.

    By doing acupressure on this point, you can help relieve pain, including headaches.


    Honey Is Good To Combat Anaemia.

    Honey – It is very good for an anaemic person because it helps increase the haemoglobin in the blood. It is rich in iron, copper and manganese.


    Have One Fruit Or Veg From The “White” Category Each Day.

    Try to have at least one fruit or veg serving from the “White” category each Day.

    The white fruit and veg include: Cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, garlic, parsnips, ginger, dates, shallots, turnips, white peaches, white nectarines, white potatoes, bananas and pears.

    White fruits and vegetables contain the phytonutrients EGCG, allicin, isothiocyanate, quercetin and anthocyanidins. They provide healthy benefits for your bones, circulatory health and arterial function.


    Get More Fruit And Vegetables – Mix Fruit Into Green Salads.

    To get an extra portion of fruit and vegetables – part of your five servings per day – why not mix strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, mangos, grapes or apples into green salads or chicken salads.


    If You Do Colour Your Hair, Use Hair Dyes Spairingly.

    If you choose to colour your hair, bearing in mind that there are lots of harmful chemicals in many commercial hair dyes, use them only as highlights so you can avoid all those chemicals on your scalp.


    Use A Banana Skin To Clear Up Warts.

    If you’ve got a stubborn wart that just keeps hanging around, try taking a banana skin and once a day, after washing, rub the inside of the banana skin over the wart.

    After one week, the wart should become softer and the pain diminishes. After two weeks, the wart will clearly be shrinking. After a maximum of six weeks of treatment, the wart should have disappeared.


    To Help Relieve Insomnia, Don’t Nap During The Day.

    If you suffer from insomnia, try not to nap during the day, no matter how groggy you feel. Naps actually decrease the quality of nighttime sleep.


    Take Vitamin C For Conjunctivitis.

    Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or redness of the lining of the white part of the eye and the underside of the eyelid (conjunctiva) that can be caused by infection, allergic reaction, or physical agents like infrared or ultraviolet light.

    If your eyes are red, watery and itchy, you may have allergies or just some dust in your eye. But if your eyes are very itchy, you may have the serious (and extremely contagious) infection known as pinkeye.

    Vitamin C might help. Take 2-6,000 mg daily in divided doses.

    Remember, Conjunctivitis is a severe and contagious viral infection. If the condition doesn’t show signs of improvement within a day or two, see a doctor or other health professional.


    Add Oats To Meat-Based Recipes Like Meatballs.

    Oats are a good source of fibre and fibre can help protect you against colon cancer. So why not add oats to meat-based recipes such as meatloaf or meatballs.


    A Can Of Soda Equals 150 Calories.

    One 12-ounce can of regular soda a day equals 150 calories. One 12-ounce can of diet soda doesn’t have any calories. Switching to the diet brand saves 54,750 calories a year and peels off 15 lbs (6.8kg).


    Starchy Vegetable Myth.

    Many people mistakenly think that starchy vegetables like corn, green peas, and potatoes are high in calories. They are not, but the calories can quickly add up when these vegetables are fried or you prepare them in sweet or fatty sauces.

    Try a low sodium seasoning mix, to add flavor without calories.


    Eat Lots Of Small Meals To Help With Losing Weight.

    The way you eat has a definite effect on your metabolic rate. And there
    are types of foods that will burn fat more efficiently than others.

    By controlling the timing of your eating, you’ll influence how your body responds to food. For example, eat lots of small meals and try to divide up your calorie intake between breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


    Stand On One Leg To Build Muscle.

    To help prevent sporting injuries, try standing on one leg for up to 30 seconds to build muscle strength and improve balance.


    Ideas For Healthy Snacks To Take To The Office.

    Some ideas for satisfying snack options include:- Low-fat natural yogurt brands without artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrups. Add nuts or a piece of fruit if you’d like.

    Part-skimmed string cheese and hard-boiled eggs, which are quick, filling snacks for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


    Cranberry Juice Can Help Fight Gum Disease.

    Cranberry is a natural remedy to help treat gum disease. Cranberry juice with no added sugar sold at health food stores is recommended.


    Apples – Full Of Health Benefits.

    Apples contain both pectin and vitamin C to reduce cholesterol. Pectin also protects against pollution by eliminating heavy metals.

    Malic and tartaric acids, also present in apples, relieve indigestion and break down fats. Two apples a day helps arthritis, rheumatism or gout. Grated apple stops diarrhoea.


    Weather Or Not – Don’t be SAD.

    If dreary winter weather gets you down, you could be one of the 3% of the population that suffers with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern.

    So if Winter gets you down,try to get plenty of fresh air, especially in the early morning. Keep the lights on during an overcast day, and wear bright-colored clothing.

    Also, maybe it would help you to learn to enjoy outdoor winter activities such as skiing or skating.


    Don’t Drink Too Much Milk When Taking Antibiotics.

    Antibiotic residues in milk result in the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria that are prevalent in humans. This reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics used to treat human diseases.

    So don’t drink too much milk during periods when you’re taking antibiotics.


    Give Your Feet A Breather – Go Barefoot.

    Your feet absorb 3 times your body weight with each step and contain thousands of nerve endings connected to different parts of your body. No wonder they like to breathe!

    By going barefoot, you are effectively giving yourself a gentle massage and keeping the rest of your body happy.


    Exercise Should Be Fun.

    Exercise can and should be fun – even though it may not seem fun at first. Don’t be afraid to vary both the duration and type of exercise activity if your present program becomes boring. If you enjoy exercising, you’re more likely to stick at it.


    Health-Giving Basil.

    Basil is a great herb to add flavour to just about anything you are cooking. But it also has many other benefits that make it a good choice to add it to your diet.

    For example, it is known to reduce blood pressure and ease the symptoms of emphysema and bronchitis. Basil also makes a good natural insect repellent when rubbed on your skin.


    Safe Food Storage.

    Store perishable food including eggs in the fridge and make sure it is set at 0 to 5 degrees C. The freezer should be set at below -18 degrees C. Regularly clean the fridge and freezer. Keep cooked foods at the top of the fridge and raw meat at the bottom.


    Repair Plumbing Leaks To Help Prevent Mold.

    Mold is a common fungus that can invade your home and cause allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and cough.

    To help prevent the growth of mold in your home, always repair a plumbing leak as soon a possible.


    Fibre Can Help Protect The Cardiovascular System.

    Whether or not fibre has direct cancer-preventive effects, it’s still good for you.

    For example, by lowering cholesterol absorption from food and reducing
    cholesterol production by the body, dietary fibee may help protect the
    cardiovascular system.


    Bananas can help improve your mood.

    A banana has approximately 30% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the brain produce serotonin, which is considered a mood stabilizer. Serotonin impacts your motor skills and emotions. It is also the chemical that helps you sleep and digest food. Eating a banana can help relieve depression and anxiety by stimulating the serotonin levels in your body.


    It’s Good To Be Nuts!

    Despite being high in fat, nuts are incredibly nutritious and healthy.

    They’re loaded with magnesium, vitamin E, fibre, and various other nutrients.

    Studies demonstrate that nuts can help you lose weight and may help fight type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    Additionally, your body doesn’t absorb 10–15% of the calories in nuts. Some evidence also suggests that this food can boost metabolism.

    In one study, almonds were shown to increase weight loss by 62%, compared with complex carbs.


    Do As Your Pets Do

    Take a lead from your pet cats and dogs and do a few stretching exercises when you wake up and get out of bed. It helps give a boost to circulation and digestion and eases back pain.


    Use Chopsticks At The Chinese Restaurant.

    When you’re eating out at a Chinese restaurant, make sure you try to use chopsticks because most of the fat and calories lurk in the sauce.

    Pluck your food out with chopsticks and mix with steamed rice for extra savings. This also slows down the speed of your eating which also helps with digestion.


    Try Watercress To For Relief From Allergies.

    Vitamin-rich watercress is said to be an anti­allergen. Eat it in
    salads, sandwiches and sauces. It’s potent stuff, so eat small portions
    at a time.


    Be Consistent When Exercising

    Consistency is the golden key for most things in life; running
    or exercising is no different. Results are achieved through regular
    participation in a structured program, not by a once-every-other-weekend
    run around the block. First, run or exercise for the “health” of it,
    and the fitness benefits will follow.


    Use Cold Keys To Cure A Nose Bleed.

    One old wives’ tale says that if you’ve got a nose bleed, put a bunch of cold keys down the back of your shirt. The sudden chill will cause the blood vessels in your nose to contract.


    For A Healthy Snack, Try A Muffin With Cream Cheese And Walnuts.

    When you want a mid-morning snack, instead of a bagel and cream cheese,
    spread a whole-wheat English muffin with light cream cheese and dot with
    crushed walnuts.


    Honey Is Good To Combat Anaemia.

    Honey – It is very good for an anaemic person because it helps
    increase the haemoglobin in the blood. It is rich in iron, copper and


    Eat Kiwi Fruit To Help Bring Down Cholesterol.

    Kiwi fruit has what it takes to help keep cholesterol down – magnesium, potassium and fibre. It makes a satisfying, energy-boosting afternoon snack.


    Order Sandwiches On Whole-Wheat Bread

    You can lose up to 10 pounds (approx 5kg) in one year by making little changes. And these little things really can make a difference.

    It’s easier to tackle small steps instead of trying to make a lot of big changes all at once. There are many ways to cut back and save 100 calories. For example, order your lunchtime sandwich on whole-wheat bread instead of on a bagel, croissant or large roll.

    And if you add a little exercise to burn off 100 extra calories a day, you can double your potential weight loss over the year.


    Soothing Laryngitis.

    When your larynx is irritated or inflamed, your voice becomes hoarse, husky, and weak.

    Remedies include drinking plenty of warm liquids, and taking a hot shower or bath.

    Also helpful is to use a cool mist vaporizer to moisturize the air in
    rooms where you expect to spend a lot of time, i.e., the bedroom.


    Fruitful Advice.

    When you have a choice of whether to eat whole fruit or its juice equivalent, take the fruit.

    Ounce for ounce, whole fruit is more filling, contains fewer calories and has more fibre.


    Try Enoki Mushrooms For Imune-Enhancing Effects.

    Enoki mushrooms need only brief cooking and are very mild and have significant anticancer and immune-enhancing effects.


    Play Mental Games.

    Research indicates that performing regular intellectual activities such as reading, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or even playing cards could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease..

    How so? In a nutshell, these activities build neural networks in the brain – the more connections, the longer Alzheimer sufferers can function normally.


    Try Caesar Salad When Eating Out.

    If you are away from home and eating out daily, think about ordering Caesar salad or another style salad with grilled chicken or salmon. It’s very filling, low in calories, and tastes great.


    Breathing Comfortably Is Important When Exercising.

    Don’t fight your breathing when you’re exercising. Try to
    maintain such a pace at which you are not out of breath. Breathe
    rhythmically and comfortably with your running technique.

    If you’re gasping for air, you may be running too fast for your current fitness level.


    Catnip For Health.

    Catnip is a useful herb to have in the house. It can help to nourish the stomach and nerves, assisting digestion and calming the nervous system.

    Catnip is also said to help ease symptoms of flu such as nausea and diarrhea.


    Look After Aching Joints.

    Aching joints can occur at any age. Sometimes it may be caused
    by sensitivity to certain foods – many times white flour, white sugar,
    dairy products, and vegetables in the nightshade family (tomatoes, white
    potatoes, and eggplant) are the culprits. Dehydration may also cause
    joint pain if you don’t get enough water.

    You can add foods to your diet that can help with relieving the
    pain – cayenne pepper (can also be used in a cream to rub on the painful
    area), ginger, and tumeric. Pineapple eaten by itself will help ease
    inflammation (joints and muscles).


    Try The Simplest Cure For A Hangover.

    If you’ve overdone it the night before and are suffering the next
    morning, remember that the simplest cures are the best – drink water
    and go back to bed.

    Alcohol dehydrates your body, so try to drink as much water as alcohol
    while you’re out on the town and sleep in to rest the body.


    Hops – For Pain & Insomnia.

    Hops helps the body with pain and insomnia. Hops is rich in nutrients that nourish the nervous system.

    According to one leading herbalist: “It opens obstructions of the liver and spleen, cleanses the blood, loosens the belly, cleanses the veins from gravel and provokes urine.”


    Beware Of Large-Size Ice Cream Desserts.

    You deserve a treat every now and then – desserts can be fun and, after all, who doesn’t love ice cream?

    But just beware of those super-sized, super-premium, create-your-own
    dessert concoctions. For example, a large vanilla shake from some
    outlets can contain 1,070 calories and 32 grams of saturated fat – which
    is worse for your heart than eating three large-size burgers.


    Brush Outer & Inner Surfaces Of Teeth To Avoid Tooth Decay.

    Make sure you brush your teeth effectively to avoid tooth decay. Brush
    both the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and brush the broad
    chewing surfaces with the entire brush. To clean the inner surfaces of
    the front teeth, use the tip of the brush in gentle up-and-down strokes.


    Hold The Call.

    Talking on the telephone can be quite hazardous in certain situations.

    Avoid using a telephone when you are near water, such as a bath tub, swimming pool, or shower.

    If you should drop the phone into the water, it could cause an
    electric shock. Also, don’t use the telephone during an electrical storm
    as an electric surge could occur.


    Add Nuts To Your Daily Yogurt.

    Nuts Are Full Of Great Health Benefits. So why not Add 2 tablespoons of nuts to yogurt in the morning.


    Use Chamommile In Tea Form For A Calming Effect.

    Chamommile, when drunk in tea form, has a great calming effect.


    Take Your Food Raw Whenever You Can.

    Raw foods doesn’t just mean eating cold veggie sticks: the raw food
    diet includes chocolate truffles, pumpkin butter and seaweed salad.

    As a result, if you eat more raw food, you’ll benefit from lowered risk of many diseases.

    Researchers have found that a diet rich in raw vegetables can lower
    your risk of breast cancer, while eating lots of fruit can reduce your
    risk for developing colon cancer. And including fresh fruit as part of
    your daily diet has been associated with fewer deaths from heart

    Cooked food means your body has to use its own metabolic enzymes to aid
    digestion. This takes energy from your body and leaves you feeling
    sluggish. Raw food is more nutritious and heating often depletes food of
    many vitamins and minerals.


    Flax Seeds – Protecting The Heart.

    These seeds and their oil are the richest source of Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

    They’re heart protective, control cholesterol levels, help prevent some forms of cancer and improve brain function.

    The seeds are a powerhouse of other nutrients including vitamin E, manganese and plant fibre. They can help in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma and other allergies.


    Use Onion To Help Relieve Foot Culloses.

    Corns and calluses are common foot conditions. They’re buildups of skin in response to abnormal pressure or friction on the foot. The difference between a corn and a callus is the location.

    Generally a corn is located on the top or tip of a toe. When located between toes, the buildup of skin is called a soft corn.

    Calluses are located on the bottom of the foot. Some degree of callus formation on the sole of the foot is normal, because it is our body’s way of protecting itself.

    To help relieve culloses, cut an onion in half – the size of the onion should be determined by the size of the callused area the onions surface has to cover. Let the onion halves soak in wine vinegar for four hours, then take the onion halves and apply them to the calluses.

    Bind them in place with plastic wrap, put on socks and leave them on overnight. The next morning, you should be able to scrape away the calluses. Be sure to wash and rinse your feet thoroughly to get rid of the onion/vinegar smell.


    The Good Side Of Envy.

    Although we don’t like to feel envy, it is a normal part of
    human existence. It serves to help us figure out what is really
    important in our lives.

    When you feel intense envy, it may uncover something you really care about, but weren’t previously aware of.


    Eat Broccoli And Parsley To Relieve A Cold.

    Here’s an idea for when you’re feeling poorly with a cold. The
    natural sulphur in broccoli and parsley is supposed to help us resist
    colds. So eat broccoli and/or parsley once a day.


    For An Afternoon Snack, Try A Handful Of Nuts.

    Enjoy a handful of nuts with a piece of fresh fruit for an afternoon snack.


    Choose Salads That Have Lots Of Greens.

    When eating out, a Caesar salad is a good choice. (You don’t
    have to use the Caesar dressing that comes with it). And try to choose
    salads with veggies such as broccoli or tomatoes.


    Don’t Wear Sunglasses All The Time.

    During the day, don’t wear sunglasses all the time when you’re outside
    (especially during late Spring And Summer). Your eyes need some
    sunlight unfiltered by window panes or sunglasses.

    But do remember to wear sunblock.


    Try Buffing Your Nails Instead.

    To avoid all the chemicals in nail polish and thus prevent yourself
    from exposure to their sometimes harmful effects on your body, why not
    try buffing your nails as an alternative.

    Buffing gives a good-looking shine without exposing your fingers to any chemicals.


    Wash Your Baby’s Dummy After Each Use.

    A baby dummy (or pacifier) can help keep your baby calm and
    happy between feedings. While dummies are generally safe, there are
    somethings you should be aware of.

    For example, wash the dummy after each use, or if it has been dropped on the floor.


    Drink Less Alcohol When Eating Out.

    When you’re eating out at a local restaurant, try to limit the
    amount of alcohol you drink. It’s very high in calories and can prevent
    you from making healthy food choices.


    Chocolate Can Be Good For Coughs.

    When you’re afflicted with a tickly cough, why not treat yourself to a bar of chocolate.

    Theobromine, found in cocoa, suppresses sensory nerves, which will help soothe your throat.


    A Secret Weapon Against Bad Breath.

    Few other bodily afflictions are more embarrassing than
    halitosis. The most common treatments are to brush and floss your teeth
    after meals.

    Another important step you can take is to gently brush your
    tongue. This will rid its surface of the stagnant coating of bacteria or
    food that builds up and gives off unpleasant odours.


    As Diarrhoea Subsides, Avoid Whole-Grain Bread And Bran Cereal.

    Diarrhoea is rarely serious and usually only lasts a day or two.
    But it can be uncomfortable, and when it starts to subside try to avoid
    don’t eat high-fibre foods like whole-grain bread and bran cereal.


    Salt Water Can Help With Rope Burns.

    If you get rope burns, soak your hands in salt water. If salt
    and water are not available, do as they do in Italy for rope burns –
    soak the hands in urine.


    Try A Hairdrier To Clear Ear Wax.

    If you’re suffering with ear wax, try using a hairdrier. Wave it
    over your ear for a few seconds and the heat should help thin the wax.

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