About The Wisdom Community

The Wisdom Community


The Wisdom Community is a feature rich niche social network platform built with thewisdomtrust.org using the BuddyBoss platform. 

The Wisdom Community integrates with our gamification strategy with members being rewarded for the interactions within the community.

The community will be used to promote articles written by Content Managers alongside offers from The Wisdom Marketplace. 

It enables members to connect with each and The Wisdom Trust. Increase content engagement, content creation, member interaction, helping to raise awareness whilst earning Fundraising Credits.
The community allows members to learn from each other, increase awareness of issues affecting us all in the world today whilst providing a richer online experience with The Wisdom Trust

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Member Profiles

Everything in the Wisdom Community website revolves around its members. The community will with fully editable profile fields that allow members to share details about themselves.

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Social Groups

The Platform allows members to organise themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listing.  This allows for a more tailored experience and caters for more specific interests within The Wisdom Trust.  This allows distinct groups to be created around health, environment, poverty, education at local, regional, national or global level.  However groups can be created about any issue that members  wish to discuss with the wider community. 

Creation of and the engagement with groups is rewarded with fundraising credits, achievements, ranks and roles within The Wisdom Trust.

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Group Type

Create public, private or hidden groups and set different rules and settings depending on the group type.

Group Invites

Allow all group members, organizers, and/or moderators to invite other users to the group.  Again, this will result in fundraising credits, achievements, ranks and roles within The Wisdom Trust being awarded.

Group Organizers, Moderators

Organisers or moderators within a group control who can administrate and edit the group, post activity, or invite users.

Group Activity

All group members, organizers, and/or moderators can post photos, gyphys, emojis, and share ideas into the group activity feed.

Forum Discussions

Discussion forums allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

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Group Forums

Each group can create its own discussion forum. Several groups can optionally be attached to the same discussion forum.

Posts, Media uploads, Gyphys and Emojis

Allows users to embed photos, gyphys, emojis along in their forum posts and replies.  Again, this will result in fundraising credits being awarded.

Zoom Integration

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Create and host Zoom meetings within social groups, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, watch recordings, and more.

Schedule Live Meetings or Classes within Social Groups

Members can create one-time and/or recurring online class sessions and Zoom meetings for a specific audience based on the group they belong to.

Members receive real-time site notifications of upcoming meetings or classes and meetings and allow them to view details with just one click.

Manage Virtual Classes Efficiently

No more swapping back and forth between apps. The integration’s simplicity extends to setup and management. Creating and rescheduling online classes automatically syncs details across WordPress pages and course content where meeting details are published.

Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

Deliver quality learning experiences ideal for online coaching, tutoring, and teaching online courses. Increase student participation and engagement with live chat, screen sharing, polling, virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms, and more.

Create Zoom Meetings as Gutenberg Blocks

Embed Zoom meetings and recordings using Gutenberg blocks that can easily be placed into WordPress pages and course content. Zoom meeting details include a countdown timer so participants can easily join meetings at the right time.

Turn Past Meetings into a Resource Library

Share multiple resources from past Zoom meetings including video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts, and chat files depending on your configured Zoom meeting settings.

Member Dashboard

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Members have a quick at-a-glance view of all their recent community activities and interactions.

Member Connections

Members are encouraged to make connections with one another to get the most out of the community experience

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Social Group Meetings

This helps create a sense of community in this virtual era with social group meetings in Zoom. Each social group will have its own Zoom account connected to it to avoid meeting conflicts. The integration respects the group privacy settings so your meeting recording content stays within the members of a social group.

Private Messaging

Members can send private messages. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.

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Thread-based Group Messages For All Members

Message with photos, GIFs, and emojis can go to all members of a social group to collaborate on a single task together. Get your group to collaborate effectively, facilitate collaborative processes between team members and across groups, with group messaging.

1-on-1 Private Message To Group Members

Have a message to request feedback from all members of a group but want to keep discussions private? The group messaging feature lets you create a private 1-on-1 message to all the members of a social group in a single click. Get more things done quickly!

Group Messaging

Want to be more productive and faster when sending messages in an online community? The Group Messaging feature lets you broadcast announcements to all the members of a social group in one go!

Start a group thread or have a 1-on-1 with your social group members. Collaborate on ideas, activities, tasks, lessons, meetings efficiently.

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User Invites

Members are encouraged to send email invitations for non-members to join the community.

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Members are notified of relevant activity with a toolbar bubble and/or via email and can customize their notification settings

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Global, personal, and group feeds

Groups can work as a two-way “Wall” for a more interactive experience. Members can write on each other’s Walls and “Like” each other’s posts.

Multimedia Posting

Members can upload photos and organize them into albums, from any device.


Members can @mention other registered members on the site. The mentioned user will receive a notification of the post.

Email Notifications

Edit and create email notifications. It’s as simple as editing/creating posts and pages. The platform features a customizable email API.

Activity Feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, and email notification support.

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Albums & Media

Members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and share them for other members to see and comment.

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Share, maintain and control unlimited documents, files, videos, images and much more on the online community website. The Documents feature acts a top-notch documents system for the members and social groups.

Need to upload a file extension that wasn’t shipped out-of-the-box? Add and manage custom file extensions for uploads matching your brand’s need. Control the privacy of all your personal documents or set privacy options for documents uploaded in a social group.

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Upload and Share Any File Type

The Documents feature supports the most popular file extensions out-of-the-box. Members can share any file type directly on their activity feed or social groups. File types such as images, audio, videos, spreadsheets, presentations – you can opt to allow or disallow specific uploading of any file extensions.

Sitewide Document System for Your Community

This feature acts as a powerful document system for the community to share and collaborate. No need to keep jumping browsers and extra accounts for sharing and managing files anymore!

Top-notch Privacy Options for Documents

Keep your documents for the eyes only intended to see them! Set privacy for your personal documents and social group documents. All documents uploaded within a group respect the privacy settings of the social group. Forget about accidentally sharing files with the wrong people.


Create site-wide events or group only events for members

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Posts job listings and allow others to post jobs. Allow candidates to apply for jobs, and post their resumes.

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Driving Engagement

Engagement with community is currently next to non-existent due to a lack of understanding about HOW it works, WHAT it does and WHY members should use it.

These questions will be addressed in a campaign featuring banners throughout the site.

The community will be marketed on site through banners, in email, on our social media, with SEO (internal linking) and with PPC.  Signing up will be incentivised with Fundraising Credits.  Specific targeted topical groups will be created and marketed in the same way.

The site will be promoted initially to volunteers internally who will be encouraged to utilise the features of the community and update their profiles.  The goal being to create a content rich community that new members will want to engage with.