Wisdom Trust Grants

An important part of The Wisdom Trust’s mission is, of course, to support the work of charities, good causes and all sorts of other not-for-profit initiatives with regular donations from our fund. But we also believe it’s just as important to support individuals too, so they can make small, important changes in their own lives to help make a difference as well.
Wisdom Trust Grants are available to all our registered members, and increase in value, little by little, every time they’re awarded Wisdom Trust Credits (known as FCs or Fundraising Credits) through their activity on our website.

Four main types of grants are available

Eco Grants

Wisdom Trust Eco Grants help members reduce their carbon footprint at home or in the office through energy saving initiatives such as solar panels and winds turbines. But any project which saves energy or water, encourages recycling or reduces waste could be part-funded by a Wisdom Trust Eco Grant.

Education Grants

Wisdom Trust Education Grants help students and young people cover the cost of their higher or further education – for items such as course fees at college or university, books and in some cases accommodation expenses too. Every child and student of any age can start building their own Wisdom Trust Education Grant Fund right now, which will benefit them later on in their lives when they move on to university or college.

Social Grants

Wisdom Trust Social Grants help members – especially those with young families and the elderly (and particularly those on low incomes) – to cover the extra costs of healthier food choices (such as fresh fruit and vegetables) and to help towards the cost of heating their homes in Winter.

Charity Grants

Wisdom Trust Charity Grants are quite simply for those people who just want to use their grant fund to channel additional funding to their favourite cause.  As we’ve said, your personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund grows little by little, every time you’re awarded any of our special Wisdom Trust Credits, but we’ll also adds extra value to your account when you shop online by way of a small cashback on many purchases.