Our Funds

Our Funds.

The Wisdom Trust

Mission Statement

The Wisdom Trust raises awareness about the important issues impacting the future of our planet – from poverty, to environmental and health issues.

We make donations to support the work of other charities, good causes and not-for-profit initiatives both in the UK and around the world, and work with others to promote friendship, goodwill and mutual understanding across all borders.

The Donations Fund

Half of the total income of The Wisdom Trust over each three-month donations window is allocated to our Donations Fund.  At the conculsion of each three-month period, this fund is set aside and used for donations to all our registered charities and good causes.  The size of each donation is decided through an online vote by our members.

Each member can log in and vote every day, if they wish to, and sometimes more than once per day when they earn Credits by using other areas of The Wisdom Trust’s website (see below).

For example, a charity with 10% of the votes during a donations window will be allocated 10% of the Donations Fund that quarter, or a cause with 4.6% of the votes will be allocated 4.6% of the Donations Fund.  And so on.

If your charity, good cause or other not-for-profit initiative (including corporate charity foundations and funds) is not already listed as a potential beneficiary of donations from the Wisdom Trust, click here to register your organisation today.


The Credits Fund

Our quarterly Credits Fund represents a third of the total jncome of The Wisdom Trust over each three-month donations window.  Like the Donations Fund, it is allocated to all our registered charities and good causes, but in addition, it will also fund the Wisdom Trust Grant Funds of all our individual members who accumulate Credits through their usage of The Wisdom Trust website. 

The size of each allocation is calculated in recognition of the number of Wisdom Points earned by each member, whether individual or organisation (where 1 Wisdom Point = 250 Credits).

The value of each Wisdom Point can vary from quarter to quarter and is a simple calculation of the total value of the Credits Fund that quarter divided by the total number of Wisdom Points earned by all members (both individual and organisation) over the same three month period.

How Credits Are Awarded

All members (both individual and organisation) will be awarded Wisdom Trust Credits via our online learning programs and can aspire to be top of the Hall of Fame – daily, weekly or monthly – with certificates of achievement when they finish in the top positions.

Every time a member earns a Credit, this will add additional value to the funds set aside for their own personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund over the current three-month donations window, as well as for their favourite cause.  Every time any member introduced by a charity or good cause, clocks up 250 Credits, we’ll award an extra 100 Credits to that same charity or good cause. And more Credits equates to a larger share of our quarterly Credits Fund.

But even better than that, when any member introduces their own friends, family and colleagues, our ‘unique ‘community network’ model will recognise the link between them so every time these new members earn Credits, some small additional value (by way of additional Credits) will filter up to the charity or good cause (or other member) who introduced them.

Members will be awarded Credits when they participate in our learning and information programs, or when they run any of their usual online searches via our website and also when they use our Market Place for any of their normal online shopping at any of thousands of popular online stores and merchants – all at no extra cost or inconvenience to themselves.  They’ll earn one extra Credit for every pound spent. 

In effect, what this also means is that any member (whether individual or organisation) will not only benefit from the learning, searching and online shopping of the people they personally  introduce, but also, to a lesser degree, from the learning, searching and online shopping of all the friends and families of those members too – and so on. So every member, both individuals and organisations, should make sure they use the tools provided elsewhere in the website to introduce as many other people as possible. Then encourage them to do the same.

The Bank Of Wisdom 

When the charity or good cause (or any other member ) – or indeed any of the people they introduce  – submits new items for our Library of Wisdom, they’ll earn additional Credits for each item they submit (once it’s approved). Once they’re live on our system, whenever someone else views, likes or shares any of those items, or answers any of their questions, the original contributor will earn a further Credit.

So by building up a collection – large or small – of submitted items within the Library of Wisdom, any charity or good cause or any other member, will be creating a special ‘Bank of Wisdom’ which will keep earning Credits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and adding to the funds set aside for their own Wisdom Trust Grant Fund and their nominated cause every quarter.

Such items for submission can be about the four big issues of poverty, environment, healthcare and world peace, or about anything else of interest to the member – including subjects such as history, geography, science, music or literature. Items could also be about local issues, culture or even the history of local organisations, landmarks or sports clubs. Furthermore, users can submit items such as tips (eco, health or thrifty), quotations, jokes, recipes or reviews (books, movies, music, places or theatre for example).

If other users find the facts, questions or other items interesting, then they’ll like or share them or answer the questions and the original contributor – and their nominated favourite good causes – will benefit – every time! Click below for more information about our Library Of Wisdom.

Library of Wisdom

The Reinvestment Fund

Our Reinvestment Fund is equal to about one sixth of the total income of The Wisdom Trust over each quarter.

There are three main areas where we might use some of this Reinvestment Fund.  Firstly, we might use some of it to expand and enhance our education and learning programmes.  Or we might use some of it to establish new projects in support of our campaigns. And finally, we could allocate some of this sum to finance our matched funding initiative.

How Can You Help?

Members can offer their support by contributing their own personal Pledge For Peace on our website.

By joining the Wisdom Trust as either a member or as one of our registered charitable causes, you become part of a network that is creating positive change right across the globe, for underprivileged individuals, groups and the sustainability of our planet by unlocking the collective power of wisdom and knowledge for all.

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Joining The Wisdom Trust is very simple and completely free for both individuals and organisations.

We will make a difference and in just a few click of your mouse you too could be playing your part in helping to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of age, background, religion, race or culture – or even where they live.

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