Wisdom Rewards

The Wisdom Rewards Scheme is our way of putting you in control of how we distribute funds to charities and good causes.  In addition, it’s the platform from which you’ll be able to add value to your own personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund.  Quite frank;y, as everyone is aware, we live in difficult and uncertain times, so we at The Wisdom Trust seek to empower our members so they can offer support to their favourite causes without personal financial impact.,

Read To Get Started?

If you want to be rewarded for your contirbution and engagement simply log in or sign up to the Wisdom Rewards scheme and start doing amazing things today!

Introducing Fundraisng Credits

What are they for? Ultimately, they allow all members of The Wisdom Trust to Vote for their chosen causes.  They also help to generate funds towards each member’s personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund.

How do I collect Fundraising Credits? There are four primary ways to collect Fundraising Credits:


You may use the site to share your opinions by publishing an article, creating a group or forum.  You can enhance the experience of the site by creating a quiz, or a course, uploading an article or video. 

You will be rewarded for creating any content that is of a benefit to other members.  Furthermore, you will be rewarded when members engage with your content.


When you like, comment on or share content you recieve Fundraising Credits.  If you read an article, join a group or forum that somebody has created or complete a quiz or online course you are further rewarded.

You will also be rewarded for engaging with any content on any of the Wisdom Trust Sites. And when you log in each day, you’ll get Fundraising Credits, just for doing so.


When you invite somebody to theite you will get Fundraising Credits.  You will also recieve Credits when members join a group or forum you have created and you will benefit from their activity and engagement.

You also receive Credits when you connect with other members and follow them.  Similarly you receive Credits when you are followed by another member.


Online shopping is just one of the ways from which The Wisdom Trust generates revenue.  When our members (and others) shop via The Wisdom Trust’s Market Place, the relevant shops and merchants will pay us a commission.  This is then shared every quarter through donations to our registered charities, good causes and other not-for-profit initiatives – as voted for by our members. 

Members receive more Fundraising Credits when they shop via our Market Place, which not only diverts more funds to their favourite cause, but also adds value to their own personal Wisdom Trust Grant fund and earns them extra votes to help decide which causes get a share of the quarterly Donations Fund.

How it works…


If you don’t already have an account on our site, you’ll need to create one.

Simply fill in your details, and you’re good to go!



There are loads of ways to earn Credits!  Simply shop via our Market Place, engage with our learning programmes, create content, refer a friend or follow us on social media.



There are three different ranks to the Wisdom Rewards Scheme.

The more Credits you have and the more achievements the bigger the rewards!



We reward members through increased community resonsibility and Fundraising Credits to vote with and collect towards a Wisdom Trust Grant.  


Introducing Achievements & Ranks


Members who are active will be recognised and awarded Wisdom Achievements. This could be for content contributions in forums, groups, articles, learning or promoting The Wisdom Trust to new members. Essentially the more involved a member is the more Wisdom Achievements they will collect.

As you collect Wisdom Achievements you will:

Receive more Fundraising Credits which will earn you more votes and increase the value of your personal Wisdom Trust Grant.  

Be given more responsibility within the site and as such have more rights and a different role within The Wisdom Trust.  These roles would include being recognised as a contributor, moderator, author, editor or admin.



Members who have been awarded Wisdom Achievements and in recognition for their overall contribution will be awarded Ranks. This is measured in line with their Achievements, Fundraising Credits, overall contribution and time as an active member.

There are three types of Rank.  Gold, Silver and Bronze awarded for contribution accross a number of areas within the sites. 

As well as being given more responsibility and rights in the group you will have a larger say in the overall running of The Wisdom Trust in recognition of your contribution. This would then open opportunities and further roles within The Wisdom Trust Volunteers Group.

The allocation of a Rank happens monthly.



What am I voting for? Members are voting to help decide which charities and good causes will receive donations from the accumulated funds for that quarter.

Votes are allocated to members based on the amount of Fundraising Credits they accumulate through their interactions and content contributions to the site.